The Challenge

Mission statement

Mission to the moon

Today, the PTScientists from Germany are one of the teams judged to be most likely to land a rover on the Moon and scoop the highly coveted prize.

We plan to launch 14.5 day mission to the site where humanity last set foot on the Moon. We are developing and test driving new technologies to lead the way for a future of prolonged space exploration.

Our team is completely independent of governments and political ambitions, our goal is to offer an economical solution for lunar and space research and development. We hope this will allow more people to conduct novel research and bring space activity into new markets.


ALINA on the moon

Meet the ALINA the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module

ALINA is our first private spacecraft, built to transport our two rovers to the Moon and land them safely on the lunar surface. ALINA is capable of travelling the 380,000Km distance from Earth to the Moon and can deliver up to 100Kg to the surface of the Moon.



Meet the Audi lunar quattro soon to land on the moon.

Equipped with a 4 wheeled electrical drive chain, tiltable solar panels, rechargeable batteries and science-grade high-definition cameras, the rover will deploy and operate a series of technological payloads. We will use our time on the lunar surface to demonstrate our technology and explore new ways to optimise space exploration.

Audi Partnership


Together with the Audi engineers the Part-Time Scientists are getting the Audi Lunar Quattro ready for the Moons challenges.


We are the Part-Time Scientists – a team of engineers and scientists aiming to put a rover on the Moon. With help from our sponsor, Audi, we are getting the Audi Lunar Quattro ready to face the challenges of the Moon.


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Our Team

160714 PTS Team ALINA ALQ small

Our international team operates out of three continents with over 70 people involved.

We are delighted to have Jack Crenshaw – responsible for the trajectory calculations of NASA’s Apollo programme – as part of the team. His work with NASA in the 1960s and 1970s helped humanity step foot on the Moon for the first time. We are proud to have him onboard and helping to guide us to the Moon.

Based in Berlin, the PTScientists core team members are busy working on all aspects of our mission and are especially focussed on steering our key technological developments.



The driving force behind the technological developments of the PTScientists is the potential for industrial and academic partnerships. 

We want to make lunar missions more affordable and accessible so that universities and students around the world can benefit from the opportunity to be involved in lunar science.

We are also developing strong industrial partnerships based on the development of new space certified technologies including power utilisation, electronics, data hosting and optical systems.

The PTScientist are pleased to introduce our mission partners and supporters. If you’re interested in becoming a mission partner, get in touch: email info@ptscientists.com.

Mission Partners

Mission Supporters:

In addition to our industrial partnerships, PTScientists is working closely with the German Space Agency DLR. This cooperation allows us to explore and test-drive new mobility technologies for uses beyond Earth.

Come with us to the Moon

Our ALINA spacecraft will carry the rover to the Moon, and we have additional payload capability, allowing us to offer an incredible opportunity to transport your payload to the lunar surface.

We can take objects of personal, commercial, educational, scientific, or technological value. This is a unique opportunity for individuals, organisations or companies to buy payload space on our mission to the Moon.

What you choose to send is up to you! From experiments to keepsakes, DNA-samples to family photos – what would you send? Our payload options are listed below, but please contact us to receive specific information on how payload can be defined, transported and sent to the Moon.

  • Small

  • 0.5 to 0.99 kilogram
  • €800.000

    per kilogram
  • Medium

  • 1 to 1.99 kilogram
  • €750.000

    per kilogram
  • Large

  • 2 kilogram and over
  • €700.000

    per kilogram


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