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Karsten Becker

Head of Electronics

After Karsten Becker finished his Master of Science, he became a full-time scientist working on his PhD, and spent his time working part-time as Part-Time Scientist. Once he got employed by Part-Time Scientists, he became a part-time full-time scientist and a full-time Part-Time Scientist. It was a very confusing time for everyone, and since people were now working full-time the company got renamed PTScientists, and Karsten became Head of Electronics. Put simply, if it blinks or moves, it’s Karsten’s responsibility.


Karsten is the only person to hold a driver’s licence for the Audi lunar quattro, and was responsible for making it “act” during the filming of Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant film, in which the rover (but not Karsten) has a cameo role.


Karsten’s (supposed) PhD thesis was about PSHDL, a new language for programming FPGAs that doesn’t (as he puts it) “suck” as much as VHDL or Verilog. It features a gamified online learning tool, so students can learn basic PSHDL or FPGA programming by playing a game.


Karsten’s biggest motivation for working with PTScientists is to inspire new generations to dare to do the seemingly impossible.

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