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Kate Arkless Gray

Head of Communications and Outreach

Kate Arkless Gray studied Genetics at the University of Cambridge before embracing a career as a radio producer and earning a broadcast journalist qualification from City University. She took up the role of Head of Communications and Outreach at PTScientists having followed their progress since meeting the team back in 2010. Kate has worked for international broadcasters such as BBC and Al Jazeera and spent three years at the Wellcome Trust running social media and editing their blog. Her passion for space was ignited when she met NASA astrobiologist Dr Chris McKay in 2009, and she hasn’t looked back since.


A 10 day visit to Florida for space shuttle Discovery’s final launch ended up as a four month epic ‘Space Nomad’ adventure and a determination to get to space herself. Kate completed the International Space University Space Studies Programme in 2012 and won NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge twice in London, becoming a global winner in 2013. She organised the UK’s first space “unconference”, SpaceUP:UK and has presented a number of papers at the International Astronautical Congress.


Kate has reported on space for Sky News, Al Jazeera, Spaceflight Magazine and others. She maintains a blog and lively social media presence using her “SpaceKate” moniker. NASA administrator Charles Bolden called her “a true champion!” and challenged her to get more young people involved with space – something she is always keen to do.


She lives by two mottos: “Make things happen” and “Never regret, just tell good stories”.

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