Audi lunar quattro mixes with the stars

PTScientists at World Premiere of Alien Covenant

Our plucky little rover, the Audi lunar quattro, mixed with the stars of the latest Ridley Scott epic – Alien Covenant – at the film’s world premiere in London on 4th May.



The Audi lunar quattro entertained the crowds on the green carpet, and even managed to photo-bomb a few photos of the stars of the big screen. Sporting a black bow-tie (even Moon rovers have to look smart for a premiere!) the rover revelled in the attention, while the rest of the PTScientists team took great delight in explaining that far from being a Hollywood prop, the Audi lunar quattro is a fully functional experimentation platform that really is heading to space.


We were delighted with the opportunity to reach a new audience with news of Mission to the Moon and welcome them to come along for ride!

#PTS Update 05.05.2017

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