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Meet the Berlin-based private space company aiming for the Moon

We are PTScientists


PTScientists is a German new-space company whose aim is to bring down the cost of space exploration and democratise access to the Moon.


We are committed to breaking down the barriers to research in space, by developing reliable and affordable systems to deliver experiments and payloads to their desired locations. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of exploration, promoting new talent in the space industry, and developing solutions that work for a range of customers – from space agencies and industry, through to academic institutions.


100 kg to the Moon

PTScientists has developed a spacecraft capable of delivering two rovers, or up to 100 kg of payload, to the lunar surface. We offer companies and academic institutions the opportunity to transport payload and experiments to the Moon at affordable prices.


Mock-up showing the Audi lunar quattro getting a closer look at Apollo 17's lunar roving vehicle


In our first mission, Mission to the Moon, we will be sending two Audi lunar quattro rovers to the lunar surface and revisiting the landing site of NASA’s Apollo 17 mission, humans last set foot on the Moon, back in 1972.


Interdisciplinary innovation

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, use of the latest technology, and openness to cross-disciplinary partnerships. Working with car-manufacturer Audi, and mobile operator Vodafone, we have brought in expertise from different sectors to develop a ground-breaking scientific and technology demonstration mission, which will launch next year.


PTScientists is a privately-funded company, and our goal is to show that it is possible to build a sustainable business in space exploration. As well as delivering cheaper and more regular opportunities for academics, industry and educational institutions to conduct lunar research, we are keen to develop the infrastructure required for future settlement on the Moon.


Our industrial and academic partnerships help to drive the technological developments of Mission to the Moon, and include the development of new space-grade technologies for power utilisation, electronics, data-hosting and optical systems.


PTScientists is dedicated to democratising space, and inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers.


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If you’re interested in opportunities to fly your payload to the Moon with us, check the ‘Products and Services‘ section of our site or email sales@ptscientists.com. For enquiries about partnering with, or investing in, PTScientists, email info@ptscientists.com.  (For media enquiries email media@ptscientists.com)

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