Our History

Small steps to giant leaps

Our History


PTScientists was originally founded back in late 2008 to compete in the Google Lunar XPRIZE. With a cry of “hell yeah, it’s rocket science!” Robert Boehme began assembling a small team of passionate space advocates and technical minds, as that’s where our story began.


We’ve come a long way since then, and as the team grew, so did our ambitions, and we are now focused on developing a sustainable payload delivery service for the Moon’s surface and lunar orbit.




Our Timeline

October 2018
On special edition Moonlight shoe

PTScientists announces partnership with On

Swiss running brand On is partnering with PTScientists to provide our team with their high-tech gear to keep us looking and feeling cool while we work and play!On special edition Moonlight shoe

April 2018
Let PTScientists transport you to the Moon

PTScientists selected to work on ESA study

Let PTScientists transport you to the Moon

On track for the Moon

PTScientists selected as one of the commercial companies taking part in ESA’s innovative study to develop lunar missions that could make use of resources found on the Moon. Read more.

February 2018
ALINA at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Nokia Bell Labs join mission partner Vodafone to put 4G on the Moon

At the Mobile World Congress 2018, Key Technology Partner Vodafone announced that they are working with Nokia Bell Labs to create the lightweight, energy-efficient hardware required to create a 4G network on the lunar surface.

June 2017

Presentation of Mission to the Moon at GLEX 2017

Presentation at IAF’s Global Exploration Conference, Beijing, China

May 2017
Audi lunar quattro lunar rover

Global premiere of Alien Covenant

The Audi lunar quattro strutted its stuff at the global premiere of Alien Covenant in London, as we celebrated the release of the film that features our lunar rover! We took great delight in explaining that the ALQ is a real lunar rover, and not just a Hollywood prop!

April 2017
Lunar test bed at PTScientists HQ

Completion of our lunar test-bed

Completion of lunar test-bed construction at PTScientists HQ, complete with specially sourced volcanic soil to simulate lunar regalith (Moon dust!).

March 2017
Robert Boehme PTS CEO with Hannes Ametsreiter Vodafone CEO

Partnership with Vodafone

Partnership with Vodafone Germany announced at CeBit, and news released that we will work with them to put the first LTE base-station on the Moon. The base-station will allow us to stream live HD video of the rovers’ journeys on the lunar surface.

January 2017
PTScientists HQ

New HQ in Berlin

We out-grew out original headquarters so it was time to move into a new PTScientists HQ in Berlin Marzahn. We have space for our Mission Control Centre, lunar test-bed, clean room and electronics labs, as well as enough office space for the team to grow.

November 2016

Secured launch contract

Secured launch contract for a shared-ride on a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket

September 2016
Alien Covenant filming

Filming Alien Covenant

Rover driver Karsten Becker accompanied the Audi lunar quattro to New Zealand to take part in filming of Ridley Scott’s latest film in the Alien anthology: Alien Covenant.

June 2016
Unveiling our lunar lander

Unveiling our lunar lander

We presented our lunar lander ALINA – Autonomous Landing and Navigation module – at the International Leadership in Aerospace exhibition in Berlin.

August 2016
Audi lunar quattro testing

Rover testing in Qatari desert

Testing the Audi lunar quattro in the heat of the desert in Qatar. The rover coped with the heat much better than we did!

January 2016
Gene Cernan with the PTScientists team

Audi lunar quattro unveiled

We unveiled the Audi lunar quattro, our fourth generation Moon rover with Apollo 17 Moonwalker Gene Cernan at the Detroit Motor Show.

June 2015
Partnership with Audi

Partnership with Audi

German automotive company Audi joined Mission to the Moon as a key technology partner, working with us to optimise the rover using metal 3D-printing technology and quattro technology.

May 2015

Opening of first official HQ

First dedicated Headquarters for the team

February 2015

Begin development on second lander concept

Development start Lander R2 “Verne” in cooperation with the space team of the Vienna University of Technology.

January 2015
Awarded GLXP Milestone Prizes

Awarded GLXP Milestone Prizes

PTScientists win Google Lunar XPRIZE Milestone Awards for both the camera and rover categories. As well as medals, we took away winnings of $750,000!

July 2014
Milestone tests for GLXP

Milestone tests for GLXP

July-December 2014: Thermal Vacuum, rough terrain, vibration and camera tests for Asimov R3c, as part of the GLXP Milestone challenge – all tests successfully completed and the rover passed with flying colours!

March 2014
Begin Asimov R3c development

Begin Asimov R3c development

Development of Asimov R3C begins.

May 2013

Nvidia Conference Keynote

Robert Boehme and Wes Faler hold the keynote presentation at the Nvidia developer conference.

April 2012
Analogue Mission Simulation with OeWF

Analogue Mission Simulation with OeWF

As part of a five-day Mars analogue mission conducted by the Austrian Space Forum, our Asimov R3 rover was put to the test in the King Arthur Dome of the Giant Ice Caves of Dachstein, Austria.

September 2012
Demonstration of autonomous rover

Demonstration of autonomous rover

The German Space Agency and PTScientists presented the Asimov R3b at the Space Pavilion at the Innovation Leaders in Aerospace  (ILA) exhibition in Germany.

May 2012
Lander development begins

Lander development begins

Initial development of our lunar landing vehicle, the R1 “Verne” lander, began.

November 2011
Asimov R3a presented at DLR

Asimov R3a presented at DLR

The Asimov R3a rover was presented at the German Space Agency and we discussed how the design could be optimised to become the Asimov R3b.

February 2011

Partnership with German Space Agency

PTScientists began a technology partnership with DLR, the German Space Agency to work on rover development. We also began developing our third generation rover, the Asimov R3a.

June 2010
Asimov R2 presented at ILA, Germany

Asimov R2 presented at ILA, Germany

We presented our second generation rover, the Asimov R2, at Germany’s Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace Exhibition.

March 2010

Company registered in Germany

Part-Time Scientists GmbH is founded as a company.

January 2010
Development of second generation rover

Development of second generation rover

We begin development of our second generation rover – Asimov R2, named after famous sci-fi author, and creator of the ‘three laws of robotics’ Isaac Asimov.


We also begin work on the Asimov R0 platform.

December 2009
Presentation of first rover prototype

Presentation of first rover prototype

We present our first rover prototype at 26C3 in Berlin

June 2009
Official registration for GLXP

Official registration for GLXP

Team Part-Time Scientists officially register for entry to the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

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