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PTScientists hosts Education First STEM-Workshops for high school students

PTScientists has been welcoming various groups of high school students at our office through an Education First program focusing on STEM-related sustainable living. The 10-day tour through Germany and Switzerland is focusing on giving new, constructive perspecti

ves on the approach towards combining technology and energy related topics. For a broader context, the tour combines classic European sights – such as the Swiss Alps and Mercedes-Benz Museum – with modern start-up culture to capture some innovative sustainability efforts. To find out more of the workshops around Berlin, Stuttgart, Freiburg and the Lucerne region see here.




Until now, two groups have already visited us on March 9th and April 4th, with a third group lined up on April 17th. To give a quick introduction to the students on who PTScientists is, we gave a brief overview on our company history and talked about or planned missions.



After giving a foundation of what we do, we presented the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Explaining some of the goals in more detail, we gave examples on how space can be used to achieve those goals efficiently. Then, the workshop evolved around splitting the students into three groups, where each of them had to come up with ideas to tackle a specific SDG by including space technologies and exploration in their solutions.


After presenting their findings, the students had time left for a Q&A and taking pictures, too. In the end, we will digitalize all posters that the students made and take them as a payload with us on our first mission.


#Blog 10.04.2019

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