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Send your selfie to the Moon with the Sanctuary Project

Sanctuary Project


Today we want to introduce you to the Sanctuary Project, which will accompany us on our mission to the moon. The idea is to send a time capsule with engraved sapphire discs to space. The discs will have almost eternal durability to ensure that our heritage and achievements is kept alive forever. In form of art and imagery, three billion pixels per disc will be encoded through the microlithography technique. For now, ten discs are in production. Five out of them enclose female and male human genomes while the remaining discs form a combination of human knowledge from a wide spectrum of fields.


Involved in the making of the discs is a variety of people from different backgrounds, including filmmakers, engineers and scientists. The creators describe the project as “a love poem to the universe”, “modern interpretation of the Universal Elements and Platonic geometry”, and “an attempt to break the barrier of time”.


How do PTScientists work together with Sanctuary?


While Sanctuary is providing the valuable sapphire discs, PTScientists is responsible for the designing and development of the disc box. This includes all necessary testing of the final product before being flown out to the Moon by our lunar lander ALINA. Testing areas include vibration, vacuum and heat resistance.


The project holds workshops to inform about on-going ideas and progresses, while also using the opportunity to meet with their partners, interested people and make announcements. Recently the 14th workshop of the Sanctuary Project was held, focusing on presenting current achievements to French media. The workshop took place at the IRINA in Paris, France. Not only is INRIA allowing the usage of their location, but also the 6 x 2m WILDER data visualization platform wall screen for presentations and demonstrations. This proves to be especially beneficial due to the incredibly high resolution of up to 100 pixels per inch.



How you can get involved


If you want to take part in this amazing project, all you need to do is to submit your selfie here and your picture will be eternalized on one of the Sanctuary discs. To find out more, you can visit the official website or get in touch directly with the Sanctuary Project here:

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